Engineer Pedro Dondisch, Mexico City


Engineer Pedro Dondisch is our major supporter. He has generously contributed to the construction of the Researchers' Offices Wing at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute; the renovation and annex of the Administration Wing in the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute, as well as the construction of the Amphitheater and new office building named after his late wife Rachel Dondisch.

     Pedro Dondisch, of Mexico City, also donated to the establishment of the infrastructure for the Computerized Information Center that he dedicated to the memory of his relative Gershon Rivlin who was the first director of the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute.

     Mr. Dondisch served as the President of the Friends of BGU Association in Latin America. He received an Honorary Ph.D. from Ben-Gurion University in 2000.   



The Ben-Gurion Foundation


The Ben-Gurion is the trustee for the enactment of the Ben-Gurion Law (1976). It is headed by Minister Shimon Peres who serves as its president and by Ambassador Asher Ben-Natan who is the chairman. Amongst the board members are: Fifth President of the State of Israel Itzhak Navon, Lawyer Moshe Shallit, ex-Deputy-Director of the Ministry of Defense Haim Israeli, ex-Minister and M.K. Mordechai Ben-Porat, Mr. Zvi Tsafriri, Mr. Avraham Ben-Yosef, Gen. (Res.) Yosef Geva and Dr. Tzvia Valdan.

     The Ben-Foundation is active in raising donations for scholarships and research grants for both Ben-Gurion Institutes.